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Our Work

Here you can find the products that we're working on. This list will be extended so that you can find the product that best meets your needs.

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Score Creator

Score Creator is a music composition application that is specially designed for mobile platforms (iOS & Android). It's a simple but powerful tool that caters your need of writing music on the go. Regardless you're a songwriter, composer, or just a music lover who can read and write music notation, you will find the app a useful and essential tool for making music.

Piano eTutor

"Piano eTutor" app introduces a totally new approach to piano learning which is completely technology-oriented. The common problems with learning piano have been solved in an intuitive and user-friendly way, thanks to the technologies that the app has tried to make the most of. 

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Easy Note

Easy Note is an app that helps music learners practice reading music notes. They can practice with the on-screen keyboard or with their own instrument (the app listens to the learner while they're playing and checks if they play the correct notes).

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